Bike Republic

Some build bike parks, we build the BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN. We founded it in 2015 and thus started one of the most ambitious and individual bike projects in the Alps – in terms of diversity, a welcoming culture and sustainability.

Why a nation for bikers? Because we not only want to create a sensational area, but also a comprehensive bike culture from the valley to the mountain in which everyone feels at home. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, how you look or how you sit on the bike. In the BIKE REPUBLIC, fairness, master flow – and the citizens rule. With us you get a passport and thus a say. Riders Rule!

16 natural trails, 11 well-maintained, sustainably built lines, signposted enduro routes, the finest touring material – and the best citizens in the world: BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN is more than just a bike park, it is the most flowing nation in the Alps. And everyone is welcome: whether trail beginner or enduro pro, touring rider or freerider. With us citizens get their passport and a say. Riders rule – in the truest sense of the word!

The spirit is peaceful, flowing and saturated with bike fun and the infrastructure is simply exemplary: from the Sölden mountain railways, which offer the perfect ascent aid, to the two pump tracks in the valley, from the bike wash to the bike shops and bike hotels.

And if, as a new citizen, you are still wondering about the names of the routes in your REPUBLIC: The fact that we are so stubborn and consistent on our own path is probably also due to our Ötztal character – we are considered a little stubborn. Our routes not only have their own script, but also Ötztal names. The language of REPUBLIC is Ötztal – and the international language of bikers.